Motorcycle and Scooter Training

3-Wheel Training



Training is now available for beginner and experienced trike riders in the Portland area (Canby) and Willamette Valley (Albany).

Basic 3-Wheel

Basic 3-Wheel
is a course that prepares students to ride a three-wheeled vehicle on the street. No prior experience is required. A Can-Am Ryker training vehicle and helmet is provided. On the range, students learn to smoothly get underway, stop, and turn. Students also practice cornering, maximum braking, and swerving. Early bird tuition is $99 through April 30. 4 hours.


Advanced Riding Techniques (ART)
 is designed to refine the strategies, decision making, braking and cornering skills of licensed riders on the tight turns and curves of an enclosed track. Tuition is $179. 7 hours


Cornering Clinic
Cornering Clinics
are ideal for graduates of Advanced Rider Training (ART). The clinic is meant as a quick refresher, taught on the ART track and focused on curve skills. Let our expert instructors get you tuned up and back out on the road. Tuition is $79. 2.5 hours




Basic 3W Instruction


Instructor with Student on Motorcycle



Student on 3W Motorcycle