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3-Wheel Training


Basic and Advanced 3-Wheel Courses

Training is now available for beginner and experienced trike riders in the Portland area (Canby).

Basic 3-Wheel

Basic 3-Wheel
is a one-day course that prepares students to ride a three-wheeled vehicle on the street. No prior experience is required. Students learn to smoothly get underway, stop, shift and turn. By the end of the day, students will be able to corner, brake and swerve with confidence. Tuition is $99. 5.5 hours.

Advanced 3-Wheel

Advanced 3-Wheel
training is available through the half-day Team Oregon Cornering Clinic. Participants bring their own trike or reverse trike (sorry -- sidecar rigs are not allowed). The clinic is focused on curve skills such as visual directional control, lane positioning, selecting the right line and more.Our expert instructors will get you tuned up and back out on the road. Tuition is $79. 2.5 hours.





 Basic 3W Instruction

Course Detail

These courses are recommended for anyone interested in three-wheeled motorcycles, but they do not meet state mandatory training requirements for riders to earn a motorcycle license. For (two-wheeled) endorsement courses for new and returning riders, click here.

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Click on a course for more information and course locations. Select a location to view the course schedule. Choose a date from the schedule and register online. Registration is completed on a secure website. Payment is required when you register. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

Refund Policy

Remember: When you register, you are paying for a reserved seat in a course. Registrations are limited. If you need to reschedule your course or cancel, you must do so at least three days before the course begins to be eligible for a refund. Students who arrive late or leave early lose their reservation and payment.