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Fall/Winter 2016


New Leadership at TEAM OREGON

Aria Minu-Sepehr

Aria Minu-Sepehr

On July 1, TEAM OREGON welcomed Aria Minu-Sepehr as the new director. With 20 years of experience in education and management, Aria is primed for his new role in motorcycle safety.

“The riding community will face new challenges and opportunities in the next 20 years,” Aria says. “As director of the premier motorcycle education program in the nation, what excites me most is that we have the tools and the horsepower to get out in front of these problems. I’m confident we’ll meet the growing demand for training in Oregon and know that no one else can match what we offer the riding community.”

Aria takes the baton from Steve Garets, who served as TEAM OREGON director for the program’s first 32 years. During that time, Steve built a strong organizational culture of enthusiasm and teamwork and a cadre of instructors who truly put their hearts into rider education.

Steve’s future plans will bring him closer to his long-term priorities. “You get into a rhythm running a motorcycle program for three decades. I’m looking forward to creating a new rhythm – spending time with friends and family, and using my motorcycle more for fun and fascination than for business,” Steve says. “It’s all about the journey – and I’m looking forward to many more journeys.”

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of Oregon’s motorcyclists, Steve – and welcome, Aria!

Farewell, Steve and Annette

Steve and Annette Skinner

Steve and Annette Skinner of Discount Motorcycle Parts, Inc. 

The Oregon riding community was shocked and saddened by the unexpected loss of Steve and Annette Skinner of Discount Motorcycle Parts, Inc. who were killed in a car crash in August.

Since 1992, the Skinners had owned and managed one of the largest apparel and accessory shops in Oregon. A memorial ride and service drew more than 400 motorcycles, their riders and passengers to remember the Skinners and say goodbye.

The Skinners were well-known to TEAM OREGON, too. Longtime Eugene instructor Patrick Fitzharris recalls “Their shop (across the street from the DMV) was the place to warm up on cold days. Back when TEAM OREGON helped train DMV employees in skill testing, Steve would see us out there, walk over and invite us in for coffee. They were humble, genuinely caring people.” 

We are sorry to see the Skinners go. Our heartfelt wishes and support go out to the families, friends and loyal customers who will miss them most.

Aerostich Pop-Up Event in Gresham October 13-16

Aerostich Pop Up Showroom

The iconic style of Aerostich is coming
to Gresham, Oregon October 13-16. 

The crew from Duluth is coming back to the Pacific Northwest! The Rider Wearhouse is the long-time partner and supporter of TEAM OREGON and motorcycle safety that manufactures the iconic “Aerostich” suits, jackets and pants that many of us use.

The Wearhouse does not have dealers. Typically, they sell only by phone, online and from a storefront in northern Minnesota. Lately they have been taking the factory showroom and products “on the road” to meet their customers in person and measure them for riding gear.

During October 13-16, the Aerostich team will be here again for their second Oregon pop-up event. (The organizers told us the welcome they got at the Milwaukie event two years ago was the best they’d ever had.)  They’ll be at the Gresham Town Fair Shopping Center, 818 NW Eastman Parkway, Gresham, Oregon 97080.

For store hours and more details, visit their official website. They’ve given TEAM OREGON free space to set up a booth and talk with riders about training and safety – please stop by, say hello and enter your name in a drawing for a $50 Aerostich gift certificate!

Oregon Curve Advisory Speeds Changing

Rider Approaching 20 mph Curve

An ODOT project will raise the advisory speeds on many
curves throughout the state of Oregon. Riders, be wary!

Yes, we already announced this last June – but we figured it was worth mentioning twice. That curve you know you can take at 30 because the sign says 20? Well, maybe now it really means 20.

ODOT has begun a statewide highway project that will directly affect the motorcycling community: Curve advisory speeds across the state will be increasing. Riders and drivers alike are going to need to recalibrate. For those Oregonians accustomed to the older, more conservative advisory speeds, you may be in for a surprise when the 25, 35, 45 mph corners you approach are sharper than you anticipate!

Full details are here. Read on.

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