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Fall/Winter 2018

Rider Splitting Lanes in California

Please visit Team Oregon HQ in Corvallis October 12
to learn more about your motorcycle safety program.

Open House October 12

In 2018, Oregon State University celebrates its 150th anniversary. Team Oregon, our partners, sponsors and instructors are proud of our OSU heritage.

Among the campus-wide festivities taking place October 1-17, Team Oregon will have an open house Friday, October 12 from 1-4 p.m. There will be VIPs, soft drinks and healthy snacks, precision riding demonstrations, some friendly riding competition and free swag.

You are invited! Please come celebrate with us, get to know the staff and learn more about Team Oregon’s role at OSU and in Oregon.

Three New Courses for Experienced Riders and Clubs

The bread and butter of Team Oregon training are courses for new and returning riders – 95+ percent of our customers take basic or intermediate training on their path to getting an endorsement.

But in the spirit of providing world-class training and education to all Oregon riders, Team Oregon plans to offer a greater selection of advanced courses starting in 2019. Think of it as an advanced training “circuit.”

Precision Maneuvering Clinic 2017
Advanced Braking Clinic
 Precision Maneuvering Clinic 2017
 Cornering Clinic (held on ART track)
 Precision Maneuvering Clinic 2017
 Precision Maneuvering Clinic

Rider Skills Practice – $99  RSP is the perfect way to dust off your motorcycle skills. In RSP, world-class instructors coach braking, cornering, swerving and tight turns. The half-day course ends with a timed circuit to measure improvement. This favorite has been a fixture in Team Oregon training for many years.

NEW  Braking Clinics – $79  Based on the braking clinics offered to instructors and police motor officers, the Braking Clinic is a short (2.5 hour) course for experienced riders to refine braking skills in normal and emergency situations. At higher speeds, your bike feeds back to you differently under hard braking. Get instruction, practice and coaching in this life-saving skill.

Advanced Rider Training – $179  Our flagship course is taught on the tight, twisting turns of a kart track. Our top instructors share secrets of cornering, braking, swerving, decision making and judgment. Students develop a visual lead and carve smooth, precise lines through the curves. ART graduates tell us they enjoy riding more with fewer “uh-oh” moments. Find out for yourself.

NEW  Cornering Clinics – $79  Designed for ART graduates, the Cornering Clinic is a short, 2.5 hour refresher to hone cornering skills. Also taught on the ART track, students refine visual skills, targeting, transitions and linking turns. This shortened course will have you tuned up and back on the road in no time. Trikes and reverse trikes welcome!

NEW  Precision Maneuvering Clinic – $99  PMC is a challenging, half-day course designed by a police motor officer. Participants improve coordination of clutch, throttle, and steering inputs to keep the motorcycle balanced at low speed while executing tight turns and U-turns with precision and control. Students also practice group riding formation, parking and signals. (A Level 2 course will be available for riders who just can’t get enough of this sort of thing.)

Course schedules will be published on the Team Oregon website over the winter. Group rates are available for all advanced courses – bring your whole club and settle those “top gun” arguments once and for all! Call for more details.

About Us

Team Oregon is supported by grant funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation, Safety Division. The program is part of Oregon State University, providing statewide training, education and outreach for riders of all levels of experience and riding ability. Since 1984, the program has trained more than 180,000 riders.

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