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Spring/Summer 2018

Opportunity Knocks!

Team Oregon is looking for a full-time motorcycle mechanic based at HQ in Corvallis. The job will be posted until September 9, 2018. If you'd like to join the team, or know someone who might, don't delay! View the job posting

Motorcycling Trends

The number of riders participating in training in 2018 is up about 10 percent this year, after tapering off the last couple of years. A total of 9,323 Oregon riders took a training course in 2017, compared to 10,149 in 2016 and 11,340 in 2015 – a drop of about 10 percent each year.

While motorcycle training is still strong, the total number of endorsed riders has been rising at a rate of only about 6,000 riders a year. And the number of registered motorcycles has flatlined, suggesting that some riders are letting their endorsements lapse and selling off their bikes.

Source: Oregon DMV. Even though Team Oregon trains 9,000-10,000 new riders a year, and about the same number of riders
move in from out of state, the number of endorsed riders and registered bikes is not rising much.

On a brighter note, courses using the eRider® online classroom continue to gain traction. About a quarter of beginners opt for the online classroom; nearly a third of intermediate students (riders with some experience) choose online. eRider uses modern tools and interactive video – a very different classroom experience than most riders remember! You can take a look at some examples in our Video Library.

Trike Class May 6

Did you know? The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) provides low-cost trike training right here in Oregon. While marketed only to GWRRA members, the course is open to anyone, including passengers, for a cost of only $30.

The next trike (TRC) course is in Stayton on May 6. Participants get a full day of instruction and practice in the skills needed to operate their trikes safely. Courses run once or twice a year and space is limited. Contact Dawna Hitch at Oregon District GWRRA 503-551-3083.

Advisory Committee Agenda

The Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety (GAC-MS) is a volunteer body of eight Oregonians who advise the Governor and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) on motorcycle safety, training, education, and roadway maintenance and operations. All have motorcycle endorsements and are active riders.

Rider Splitting Lanes in California

California highway, courtesy Citybike. Multiple lane-splitting
bills were introduced in Oregon in 2017, however, none passed.
Lane splitting is still illegal in Oregon.

Based on rider input and past proposed bills, a subcommittee of the GAC-MS is preparing a literature review on lane splitting, aka lane sharing. Chris Henry, GAC Vice-Chair, leads the effort which includes representatives from law enforcement and rider organizations. The report will focus on the safety aspects of this practice to support data-driven, informed decision making.

Another major task is the finalization of the GAC-MS Strategic Plan. The plan, along with ODOT’s recently adopted Transportation Safety Action Plan, will guide the GAC-MS in its efforts to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes involving riders.  

The GAC-MS produces a map of recommended motorcycle roads in Oregon as well as a brochure about the unique challenges to riding in the Pacific Northwest.  For these and other materials, please visit the official GAC-MS website.

Coming to a Rally Near You

Team Oregon will attend dozens of motorcycle events this year, including:

  • ABATE, BACA, BMW, GWRRA, and HOG meetings and rallies
  • BikePAC Awareness Rally, Chief Joseph Rally and Pendleton Bike Week
  • GAC-MS meetings, ODOT Region 5 Roundup and State Motorcycle Safety Administrators summit

With advance notice, we can provide custom seminars, instructors and safety support for most motorcycle events free of charge. Contact Megan Wong at 541-737-9967 to invite Team Oregon to your event.

New Advanced Course Concepts

Precision Maneuvering Clinic 2017
Advanced training is not just for expert riders.
Advanced training is how you become an expert rider.

Team Oregon currently offers advanced training courses for experienced riders and clubs at 10 sites statewide. Perennial offerings are Riders Skills Practice (RSP), which is a half-day tune-up on the range for $99. Advanced Rider Training (ART) is a full-day course using go-kart tracks in Canby and Medford for $179. Both courses will have you enjoying riding more with fewer “uh-oh” moments. Group rates are available. Pick a course this year, get a few friends together and get signed up!

There are new additions coming to our Rider Skills Circuit. Team Oregon is testing a shorter, 2.5-hour RSP using just the circuit ride; a 2-hour, higher-speed braking clinic; and a half-day, low-speed challenge called the Precision Maneuvering Clinic (PMC). We hope all these courses will be available to the public soon.

Oregon clubs have been invited to send one representative to a free PMC pilot test this year. Dates are June 9-10 and Sept. 8-9. Contact Pat Hahn at 541-737-9113 for more details.

About Us

Team Oregon is a cooperative partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, providing statewide training, education and outreach for riders of all levels of experience and riding ability. Since 1984, the program has trained more than 180,000 riders.

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