Motorcycle and Scooter Training

Advanced Training



For endorsed riders, the Team Oregon suite of advanced courses will help you tune up, smooth over, sort out, dial in and nail down your riding skills. Join us!


RSP Road Riding Tactics (RSP)
 is for endorsed riders who want to raise their skills to a higher level, focusing on low-speed control, effective braking and precision curve skills.. Tuition is $99. 4.5 hours


Advanced Braking Clinic
The Braking Clinic (ABC) is a short course for endorsed riders to refine braking skills in normal and emergency situations at real road speeds. Learn to use that ABS! Tuition is $79. 2.5 hours


Cornering Clinic
Cornering Clinics
are taught on a kart track and focused on curve skills. Learn where to look, body position, selecting lines and linking turns. Trikes and reverse trikes welcome! Tuition is $79. 2.5 hours


Precision Maneuvering Clinic
The Precision Maneuvering Clinic (PMC) is a slow-cone course for endorsed riders modeled on police motorcycle training. Participants master low-speed balance and control, tight turns, U-turns, group riding and parking techniques. Tuition is $99. 4.5 hours


Advanced Riding Techniques (ART)
 is designed to refine strategies, decision making, braking and cornering skills on the tight turns and curves of kart track. Trikes and reverse trikes welcome! Tuition is $179. 7 hours

For endorsement courses for new, returning and unlicensed riders, click here.


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 Rider Turning at Low Speed on Range

 Instructor Demonstrating Braking on Motorcycle

Students on Bikes on ART Kart Track

Instructor with Student on Motorcycle