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A great way to break in a new bike! The Precision Maneuvering Clinic (PMC) is a half-day course for endorsed riders modeled on police motorcycle officer training. Participants improve coordination of clutch, throttle, and steering inputs to keep the motorcycle balanced at low speed while executing tight turns and U-turns with precision and control. Students also practice group riding formation, parking and signals. Trackside chats help students connect these skills to real-world riding.

PMC is recommended for endorsed riders ready to take their skills to the next level, but does not meet state mandatory training requirements for riders to earn a motorcycle license.

PMC is appropriate for any rider with 2+ years riding experience. Particpants provide their own motorcycles and protective gear -- find full detail in What to Bring. Group rates and private courses are available.

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PMC Level 2 (Advanced)

Team Oregon offers a Level 2 course at our Albany and Gresham locations for previous graduates of PMC. Participants fine-tune low-speed handling skills, making quicker, tighter turns in more confined spaces. This course also features a high-speed weave and brake-and-escape drill. Register for a Level 2 coures in Albany  or Gresham.

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 Precision Maneuvering Clinic




To Register

PMC is offered at several locations across the state. To view course dates, times and to register, click a location on the map below.

Registration is completed on a secure website. When you register, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation from "" If you do not receive a confirmation, check your junk e-mail folder.

Completion Requirements

Full protective riding gear is required. Find full detail in What to Bring. Participants must be 16 or older and possess a valid driver license and motorcycle endorsement. Completion cards are e-mailed to graduates of PMC. To receive a completion card, you must participate in all on-cycle riding sessions. For additional information, see Eligibility Requirements.

Most participants complete the course successfully. However, there is no guarantee of course completion or graduation. Students who fail to demonstrate a minimum level of safety will be dismissed without refund.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Remember: You are paying for a reserved seat in a course. Registrations are limited. If you need to reschedule your course or cancel, you must do so at least three days before the course begins to be eligible for a refund. Students who arrive late or leave early lose their reservation and payment.

Courses run rain or shine. Plan to arrive on time, regardless of the weather forecast or conditions at home. Team Oregon will notify students if a course is cancelled.

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