Motorcycle and Scooter Training

Become an Instructor


Team Oregon instructors are the heart of our program. These generous individuals are men and women from every walk of life who have made a special commitment to motorcycle safety.

You can share your enthusiasm and give something back to motorcycling by becoming a Team Oregon rider training instructor. By joining the team, you not only benefit the future of riding, you also become a better rider yourself.

Share the Experience

Motorcycling is about freedom. It's the freedom of an open stretch of highway with the sun at your back and the wind in your face. It's the freedom of traveling light, a graceful curve on a winding mountain road and the camaraderie of our fellow riders. It's why we ride.

Every year thousands of riders of all ages and backgrounds start riding motorcycles. These future riders depend upon the wisdom and experience of more seasoned riders – like you.

Being an instructor is a journey, not a destination! We expect our instructors to grow and hone their skills throughout their careers. Instructors must be willing and able to accept coaching from teammates and adjust their delivery.

In addition to receiving coaching from more-experienced instructors, there are many benefits of being a Team Oregon Instructor, both tangible and intangible.

Learn the Ropes

Team Oregon offers four distinct training courses with different objectives and for different levels of rider ability. New instructors start teaching Basic Rider Training (BRT) range, the core curriculum for new riders to develop proper skills and earn their motorcycle endorsement.

Team Oregon instructor training gives you the skills needed to safely usher the next generation of riders into the challenging world of motorcycling. During Instructor Preparation (IP) you'll learn how to recognize and respond to student needs during on-cycle (“range”) riding exercises and during the discussion/debriefing periods that follow.

After gaining experience teaching BRT range, opportunities to teach BRT classroom and other courses such as Intermediate Rider Training (IRT) and Rider Skills Practice (RSP) may be granted. After gaining experience instructing BRT, IRT and RSP, further opportunities may be offered, such as working from mobile units, driving and delivering mobile units and becoming a mentor instructor.

Benefits of Teaching

Team Oregon motorcycle safety instructors are paid for the valuable services they provide. Pay varies depending on years served and number of courses taught. No, it is not possible to make a living as an instructor. There are not enough hours available, particularly during winter. But teaching motorcycle safety is a great part-time job.

Other tangible benefits are tax and insurance deductions. Instructors may be eligible to write off some of their motorcycling expenses. And many insurance companies offer discounts to Team Oregon instructors.

There are also some intangible benefits to teaching. For some students, learning to ride a motorcycle is a lifelong dream. Helping them achieve that goal is also a huge reward for the instructor. And don’t forget about saving lives. Students often come back and tell us hair-raising stories about crashes they avoided – because of what we taught them in the course!

But truly, what instructors say gives them the most satisfaction is simply the look on a student’s face when the light bulb goes on over their head and they get it. That’s what keeps instructors coming back. Watch the video and hear it straight from our instructors' mouths.

Training new riders also yields another benefit: Instructors report a marked improvement in their own riding skills! It really is true that “the more you know, the better it gets.” Additional benefits include:

  • Being part of the motorcycle safety solution
  • Opportunities to improve riding skills
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Opportunities to travel