Motorcycle Rider Training and Skill Development

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Featured: eRider® Classroom Samples
eRider Basic and Intermediate online courses use more than 100 instructional videos and 50 interactive learning activities. Check out the six samples below and glimpse the future of motorcycle safety!

Lane Positioning and Visibility
Chapter 3, Module 7 
One of 11 modules focused on lane positioning.


Introduction to Cornering
Chapter 4, Module 3 
One of 12 modules focused on cornering.


Conspicuity Activity
Chapter 1, Module 14 
A learning activity to reinforce the value of high-viz riding gear.


Real-Time Scanning
Chapter 3, Module 18
Practice scanning and identifying hazards.


You Are the Rider
Chapter 4, Module 19 
Practice scanning, identifying hazards and making decisions.


Think Like a Motorcyclist
Chapter 6, Module 7
Practice decision making under conditions of potential impairment.





Most Popular: 
   Lifting a Fallen Motorcycle

    Whoops! Well, now you've gone and done it. Watch a    
    demonstration of how to properly pick up your bike.


About Team Oregon

Learn about the program, course offerings, instructors and hear student testimonials.


Rider Training Program Overview
Learn more about Oregon's motorcycle safety program, its history and course offerings.


Advanced Rider Training (ART)
Take a look inside our most advanced public course -- on the twists and turns of a kart track!


Instructor Interviews
From the 2014 Instructor Awards Banquet, instructors talk about the difference Team Oregon has made for them.


Student Testimonials
From the 2014 Instructor Awards Banquet, students applaud the instructors who made a difference to them.

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