Motorcycle Rider Training and Skill Development

Advanced Motors Training

AMT is available only to active police motor officers. Team Oregon assigns select instructors to two specialty training programs for law enforcement.

The eight-hour Police Advanced Rider Training (ART) focuses on cornering proficiency through repeated exposure to the tight, challenging curves of a kart track. Riding curves quickly, effectively and with an acceptable margin of safety requires good visual habits, precise line selection and smooth control inputs. Officers also practice emergency braking and swerving at highway speeds.

Police High-Speed Training is held on the DPSST (Police Academy) closed road course. This four-hour training provides the opportunity for Police ART graduates to apply the visual skills and strategies of effective cornering technique and vehicle placement at higher speeds. The motorcycle communicates vehicle handling characteristics differently at these speeds. Participants get instruction and practice in properly interpreting these vehicle traits while maintaining a comfortable margin of safety. This program also emphasizes safe pursuit techniques. To qualify for Police High-Speed, officers must have attended Police ART in the current or previous year.

There is no cost for either AMT course, thanks to the generous support of the Oregon Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Division.


Oregon Department of Transportation


Become an Instructor

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Completion Requirements
Completion cards are awarded to graduates of Police ART. To receive a completion card, you must participate in all classroom and on-cycle riding sessions. DPSST credit will apply to Police ART and High-Speed. For additional information, see Eligibility Requirements and What to Bring.

To Register

AMT courses and schedules are not available to the general public. If you are an Oregon police motor officer or unit commander, contact to sign up for the Team Oregon AMT e-mail notification list. AMT courses are scheduled when funding is available.

Wet weather/cancellation policy: AMT courses may be cancelled or postponed due to rain. Instructors will make the decision based on existing conditions at the track. Regardless of the weather at home, plan to attend your course rain or shine.