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Based on the training available to instructors and police motor officers, the Braking Clinic (ABC) is a short course for endorsed riders to refine braking skills in normal and emergency situations.

The 2.5-hour ABC takes place on closed off parking lots, but at higher speeds than basic training. When braking from higher speeds, your bike responds differently – learn how to manage quick stops from 40+ mph. The clinic uses range-side chats to address crash situations and myths about braking, and helps those with ABS discover its potential.

ABC is recommended for endorsed riders ready to take their skills to the next level, but does not meet state mandatory training requirements for riders to earn a motorcycle license.

Particpants provide their own motorcycles and protective gear -- find full detail in What to Bring. Scooters are welcome. Group rates and private courses are available.

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 Braking Clinic



Completion Requirements

You must wear boots, gloves, long pants, a motorcycle jacket, eye protection and a DOT helmet to participate in the riding sessions. See full details in What to Bring.

Participants must be 16 or older and possess a valid driver license,  motorcycle endorsement and proof of insurance. Completion cards are e-mailed to graduates of ABC. The completion card may earn you an insurance discount.

Most participants complete the course successfully. However, there is no guarantee of course completion. Students who fail to demonstrate a minimum level of safety will be counseled out.

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ABC is offered at several locations. To view course dates, times and to register, click a location below.

If you are unable to find a course that fits your schedule, view other sites or courses for more options.

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