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Spring/Summer 2022

New Course: Road Riding Tactics

 Harley-Davidson U-Turn

Big bikes, little bikes - we welcome them all.

Our advanced course Rider Skills Practice, has been improved for '22. Renamed "RSP Road Riding Tactics," it delivers the tricks, tips and techniques for surviving the streets with skills, smarts and a smile. It's a half day of training for endorsed riders on their own bikes for $99.

RSP is geared to anyone with 6+ months and/or 1,000+ miles in the saddle -- perfect for recent grads of an endorsement course, but just as beneficial for experienced riders who never had training. Give your precision and confidence a boost this year! There's more to know than just the basics. Courses are available in Portland, Albany, Eugene, Medford, Bend and (soon!) Hermiston. Learn more.

Spring Riding Tip

We all know not to assume too much about other drivers. But how about this one: “Assume other drivers don’t see you.” While we are sometimes proven wrong, for a rider keen on minimizing surprises, that’s a pretty good assumption.

As winter ends and riding season ramps up, be aware that other drivers are probably not expecting to see us – if they ever were. Assume they don't see you and take steps to make yourself visible with good lane positioning, space cushion and high-viz helmet, jacket or vest. Learn more about visibility, positioning and intersections here.

More Riding Tips Online

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Every year we roll out something special for motorcycle safety awareness month. This year, join us on Facebook or Instagram for tips on dealing with other drivers, being conspicuous, improving your skills, waiting at stoplights, choosing riding gear, honing judgment and more. Every rider is invited to join our online community and share their favorite tips!

Basic and Advanced 3W Training

 Can Am Spyder Cornering

Three-wheel training returns to Oregon in 2022! We have basic classes available for anyone -- beginners use our Can-Am training machines. We also offer Cornering Clinics and Advanced Riding Techniques (ART) classes, taught on a kart track, for experienced 3-wheel riders who use their own trike or reverse trike. Learn more.

Courses cost $79-179. Basic courses available in Albany and Canby. Advanced courses available in Canby and Medford. Come try out one of these truly unique vehicles or hone your skills on your 3W pride and joy!

Heads Up from the State Highway Safety Office

 20 mph curve sign modified to look like question mark
No rider should feel like this in a curve.

Our friends at the ODOT Transportation Safety Office (TSO) remind riders that the two most common factors in fatal motorcycle crashes are also completely within the rider's control: Speed and alcohol/drugs. Mind the posted speed as the maximum legal limit under the best of conditions, and always separate drinking and drugs from riding – save those “refreshments” for after the ride.

A third common factor -- curves -- requires a bit more finesse. In Oregon, we lose more riders in curves than any other place on the road. Fortunately, Team Oregon has what you need. Come take a basic, intermediate or advanced course to learn good cornering lines, countersteering and directional control. You should never have to feel like ??? in a corner. Shop advanced training courses.

Show Us Your Passport

Passport Booklet Cover

Everyone who takes a Team Oregon class gets a Rider Passport. The Passport helps keep track of our bikes, maintenance, gear, training, trips, milestones and other moto-fun. Better yet, when you fill it out and show it to a Team Oregon instructor at a public event you get a prize!

As pandemic restrictions end, you can find our instructors out in the riding community at the various swap meets, shows and rallies on our Events Calendar. If you don’t have a Passport yet, take a course, or come find us at one of these events and we’ll hook you up.

Discount for One Show Tickets

 Illustration One Show Classic Bike
Come check out this uniquely Oregonian experience.

Don't forget the One Show is in Portland in next week! It's time to commune with Oregon motorcycling -- the creativity, the bikes, the gear, the racing, the culture, the community. It'll blow your mind. Our instructor Jim Donnellan has a bike in the show -- go find him with your Passport and claim your prize!

Any friend of Team Oregon (if you’re reading this, you are a friend) can get a 20 percent discount on the ticket price using the code TEAMOREGONMOTO20. Brought to us by the good folks at See See Motor Coffee. Follow them @THE1MOTO. Visit One Moto Website.

About Us

Team Oregon is supported by grant funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation, Safety Division. The program is part of Oregon State University, providing statewide training, education and outreach for riders of all levels of experience and riding ability. Since 1984, the program has trained more than 200,000 riders.

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