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Spring/Summer 2020

COVID-19 Update

 Basic Rider Training Ex. 19

A great distance: On a standard range, Team Oregon
students have up to 54 feet of space cushion.

In response to the governor’s executive orders, all Team Oregon training has been postponed through June 14.

Office staff has been busy recalibrating the 2020 schedule and contacting the 1,000 students who had signed up for a March or April course. All displaced students will be rescheduled or given a refund.

When training resumes, all classroom sessions will be moved online. Range (riding) sessions will resume when state restrictions on in-person gatherings have been lifted. When that happens, Team Oregon will continue to maintain at least 6 feet of “social distance” between students, though that comes naturally when riding motorcycles on a 260’ x 160’ parking lot!

Connect with Us

Team Oregon has increased its use of social media in its outreach efforts. The goal of our social media plan is not to fill seats in training courses, but to better engage the motorcyclist community with high-quality tips and information. We aim to get riders talking to us, and to each other, about riding.

Our hope is that helping riders stay connected will help foster a culture of safe, skilled, informed riders.
To connect, find us at:

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We've integrated social media with our other outreach tactics (events, prizes, etc.) We started with Facebook and Instagram in January, and will add Twitter and LinkedIn starting in May for motorcycle safety awareness month.

Specialized Training

With the addition of several new training courses for endorsed riders, the number of students taking an advanced course doubled last year. We are thrilled! Endorsed riders need training just as much as beginners.

Female Rider Rounding a Corner on a Cruiser
Nice form! Get your gear on and come dust off your
curve skills at a Team Oregon Cornering Clinic.

The increase was due not only to individual riders looking to take their riding skills for a spin, but to clubs who organized private courses – we thank the BMW Riders of Oregon, the Litas, and the Border Riders for their support. We are proud of your interest in our programs and will offer as robust a schedule as the year allows. Tentatively, in 2020:

Additional courses can be scheduled upon club or dealer request. Contact us and ask about a group rate.

Spring Pro Tip

In addition to brightly colored riding gear, choosing a strategic lane position can help a rider be seen by other drivers. Two of our Eugene-area instructors, Bob and Lindy Metzger, created this short, effective video to help riders understand the value of thoughtful lane positioning.

About Us

Team Oregon is supported by grant funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation, Safety Division. The program is part of Oregon State University, providing statewide training, education and outreach for riders of all levels of experience and riding ability. Since 1984, the program has trained more than 180,000 riders.

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