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Safety Tips


Lifting a Fallen Motorcycle

Well, now you’ve gone and done it – you’ve dropped your bike. It happens to every rider sooner or later. Whether you’re in your own garage or in the middle of a busy intersection, learn the safest technique to get your motorcycle back up onto its tires.

Touring Oregon

With more than 74,000 miles of scenic roads, Oregon is a rider’s nirvana. But there are some unique challenges you need to keep in mind when you set out on your Northwest adventure.

What Would You Do?

You round a curve and are suddenly confronted by an oncoming vehicle in your lane. Learn the most common fatal crash scenarios in Oregon and how to avoid them including:

Cornering                         Passing traps

Rear-end collisions         Group riding

Video Library

Learn more about theTeam Oregon motorcycle safety program, its Advanced Riding Tecyhniques (ART) course, or how to lift a fallen motorcycle.


First Time in Oregon?

Motorcycling tips for a safe Oregon trip.


Group Riding Hand Signals

Know before you go: Download a sheet of common hand signals used on group rides.

Motorcycle Safety Inspection

Download a 46-point motorcycle inspection and maintenance checklist. Includes 10-point safety check and and routine/preventative maintenance items.


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