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Touring Oregon

With more than 74,000 miles of scenic roads, Oregon is a rider’s nirvana. But there are some unique challenges you need to keep in mind when you set out on your Northwest adventure.

Cornering Tips

Running wide in a corner is the most common cause of motorcycle fatalities in Oregon. We’ve got great roads – smooth, well-marked and curvy – but one mistake can put you into rocks, the trees, or … over the falls. Here’s what to do to avoid falling into a curve trap.

Intersection Tips

Any rider worth their salt knows intersections are treacherous for motorcyclists. Other drivers turning into a rider’s path cause thousands of crashes, injuries and fatalities every year. These crashes are avoidable. Learn how.

Blind Spots (Yes, Blind Spots)

There are two types of “blind spots” in which other drivers can cause trouble for riders, and they are everywhere. But they don’t jump up and down, waving their arms, hoping you notice them. They’re sneaky. Read on.

What Would You Do?

You round a curve and are suddenly confronted by an oncoming vehicle in your lane. Learn the most common fatal crash scenarios in Oregon and how to avoid them including cornering, passing traps, rear-end collisions and group riding.

Lifting a Fallen Motorcycle

Well, now you’ve gone and done it – you’ve dropped your bike. It happens to every rider sooner or later. Whether you’re in your own garage or in the middle of a busy intersection, learn the safest technique to get your motorcycle back up onto its tires.

Group Riding Hand Signals

Know before you go: Download a sheet of common hand signals used on group rides.

Motorcycle Safety Inspection

Download a 46-point motorcycle inspection and maintenance checklist. Includes 10-point safety check and and routine/preventative maintenance items.

Video Library

Learn more about theTeam Oregon motorcycle safety program, its Advanced Riding Techniques (ART) course, or how to lift a fallen motorcycle.