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Accelerate your learning curve.

Ready for a new challenge? A Boot Camp is a Braking Clinic, Cornering Clinic and Precision Maneuvering Clinic run back-to-back over 2-3 days. Endorsed riders learn to stop on a dime, turn on a dime, and carve better, safer corners.

Register to win a Boot Camp FREE through our partner Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers. Law Tigers is the proud sponsor of the 2024 Boot Camps. Visit the Law Tigers website for your chance to win. (If you’d rather not take the chance of missing out, just call 800-545-9944 to sign up now and we’ll refund your money if you win.)

Boot Camps are ideal for graduates of a basic or intermediate licensing course, or experienced riders who never had training, but do not meet state mandatory training requirements for riders to earn a motorcycle license.

Please note: Riding gear is required for all riding activities. Also, see Completion & Eligibility Requirements.


Experience Level

Must have endorsement

Riding Sessions

3 In-Person

Classroom Sessions

1 In-Person

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Did you know? Some insurance companies offer a discount when you present a course completion card. Ask your provider.

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Willamette Valley

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2024 Dates

July 20-21

August 17-19

September 7-8

June 22-23

May 18-19

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How to register

Registration for Boot Camps is done by phone at 800-545-9944.

After you register, you will receive three confirmation e-mails – one for each course in the Boot Camp. Read this information carefully. It will have the schedules and start times, what to bring, map to the site, etc. If you do not receive a confirmation, check your junk mail folder.

Boot Camps are offered at five locations. If you are unable to find a course that fits your schedule, view other sites for more options.

Remember you can register to win a Boot Camp free through Law Tigers. Visit the Law Tigers website for your chance to win. .

Braking Clinic
Woman riding precision maneuvering drill with instructor and student in background

What should you bring?

You must wear boots, gloves, long pants, motorcycle jacket, eye protection and a DOT helmet to participate in the riding sessions. Click below for the full list of what to bring.

Completion & Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be 16 or older and possess a valid driver license, motorcycle endorsement and proof of insurance. Completion cards are e-mailed to Boot Camp graduates. The completion cards may earn you an insurance discount.

Most participants complete the courses successfully. However, there is no guarantee of course completion. Students who fail to demonstrate a minimum level of safety will be counseled out.

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