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COVID-19 Alert: Due to the shutdown as a result of State of Oregon Executive Order 20-09, we have incurred a backlog of requests for endorsement training.To register for an endorsement course, please use the link below:

Add your name to our waiting list.

Despite the limitations we face, we’re doing everything we can to deal with this crisis with fairness and efficiency.

Note that registration is open for 3-wheel and advanced training courses, however, these courses do not meet state requirements for mandatory training.


COVID-19 Information

Motorcycle endorsement and training laws have NOT been suspended. Riding legally in Oregon still requires an endorsement or permit.

Endorsement Courses

All basic and intermediate Team Oregon courses are approved for the state’s mandatory training requirement. Get your motorcycle license!

Which Course Should I Take?

We offer training courses for beginners, experienced riders and experts. Which one is right for you?



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