To be considered as an instructor, applicants:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and motorcycle endorsement
  • Must be an active street rider able to safely operate a two-wheeled motorcycle
  • Cannot be employed full-time with Oregon University Systems (OUS)
  • Must have an acceptable driving record
  • Must pass a criminal history check
  • Must be in good mental and physical condition
  • Must be certified in basic first aid

Oregon University Systems: Current full-time OUS employees are not eligible to be Team Oregon instructors.

Driving Record: An acceptable driving record means no suspensions, cancellations, revocations or denials within the last three years. Team Oregon will review your driving record before accepting you for training. Out-of-state applicants must obtain and provide their driving record to Team Oregon.

Physical Condition: Instructor candidates must be capable of sustained physical exertion for four hours. Most courses take place on consecutive weekend days — usually Saturday–Sunday, but sometimes two back-to-back weekdays.

Instructors are on their feet up to eight hours each day with very few, short breaks. Instructors bend over repeatedly, push motorcycles for short periods and move quickly (jog, not run) when needed.

Weather conditions are rarely ideal. Temperature is usually either cold or hot, and when it’s cold it is frequently raining — courses run rain or shine.

Ask Yourself: Are you worn out after a day like this? Is one night sufficient time for your body and mind to recuperate? Instructors must be able to provide the same level of quality late Sunday afternoon as they did first thing Saturday morning. You don’t need to be a trained athlete, but teaching motorcycle safety is physically and mentally demanding.

First Aid: Instructor candidates must provide proof of First Aid certification prior to attending the Instructor Preparation (IP-Range) course.


After reading these pages and completing an online interest form, instructor candidates:

  • Audit one basic range session
  • Complete an interview and be accepted as an instructor recruit
  • Pay Team Oregon a $100 refundable training fee
  • Audit one basic course (classroom and both range sessions)
  • Complete a practice-riding session and pass a skill test
  • Successfully complete a two-day Instructor Preparation course and be accepted as an instructor candidate
  • Successfully complete an apprenticeship (2–4 courses, unpaid)
  • Successfully complete an internship (2–5 courses, paid)
  • $100 training fee refunded
  • Serve as an active range instructor

The path to certification requires a commitment of 5–11 weekends.

Once certified, instructors are expected to teach at least 10 classes (weekends) a year. Active instructors may also be required to complete OSU/OSHA training consisting of short modules on outdoor heat and exposure; wildfire smoke and air quality, and employee safety and security.

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